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Kraft Bier Fest Kofu 2017

  • Yocchabare Hiroba Kōfu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, 400-0024 Japan (map)
Image of the 2017 glass, from the official Facebook page (click to open).

Image of the 2017 glass, from the official Facebook page (click to open).

Surrounded by mountains and blessed fresh mountain water, there is a place where nature is abundant and the first beer of Eastern Japan was born: Kofu. 

This 10-day event features local beers and local cuisine with a focus on the delicious and flavourful!

Featuring beers from the likes of Outsider Brewing, Tokorozawa Beer, Minoh Beer, Fujizakura Beer, and more, there is a taste for everyone.

This event is cash based, with beers generally in the 1,000JPY range for 500ml. There is also an option to purchase an original 70ml glass and 5 drink tickets for 1.600JPY. 

Kraft Bier Fest Kofu 2017 is held right outside the north exit at Kofu station (across the street from the bus stops). 

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Authors Note: We made our click-through link point to an up-to-date event site since the official site has not been updated since last year. Feel free to check out the official site here:

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