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Places - Where to get good beer!

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"Places" is where we give rich reviews of where to grab some beers in Japan! Ranging from the neighborhood izakayas and brewpubs to the large chain stores, we look to show you a glimpse of the multitude of places to check out.

Towa - Ueno


This unique eatery strays away from the usual fried pub foods and focuses on buckwheat noodles. Essentially a soba joint with a premium selection of 15 taps of Japanese beers available, Towa offers an exclusive experience close to Ueno station, masked in plain sight.  

Located literally across the street from the Shinobazu exit (under the tracks), the entrance to this second-floor establishment is next to the magically moving dipping bowl of noodles that has become a symbol of that area. Just go up to the stairs to the right of the magic bowl and be transported to a place that tries to blend classic Japanese noodle-shop aesthetics with a healthy wall of stainless steel and beer taps.


The interior brings an old-time, nostalgia type feel with the dimmer lighting and light-colored wooden tables and chairs. The walls are adorned with many handmade knickknacks from both Japanese rice wine and craft beer producers, which help to fuse together the classic and modern look into something similar to western eateries but distinctly Japanese. Sitting down at the bar is a little tight with eight square chairs up for grabs but with direct access to the beers, there is little else to complain about.


The beers are served in branded glasses, where possible and everything else is served in Towa crested glassware. There are three sizes available S (~200ml) can run you 710JPY, M (~350ml) is 880JPY, and L (~450ml) 1,150JPY. All prices include tax so it is not the cheapest but far from the most expensive (they also tend to go light on the head so more liquid for your belly!).

Address: Ueno 6-11-12 2F, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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