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"Places" is where we give rich reviews of where to grab some beers in Japan! Ranging from the neighborhood izakayas and brewpubs to the large chain stores, we look to show you a glimpse of the multitude of places to check out.

Beer Brain - Omotesando

Fashionable Omotesando is also a hub of Tokyo’s creative scene. The prominence of independent art spaces attracts a unique community of talented creatives, many of whom go to open-air food court Commune 2nd for their libations.

Commune 2nd has a number of one-of-a-kind food carts, trucks, and semi-permanent structures that offer a wide selection of food and drink. Look to your left as you enter the main circle of stores and you’ll find an amazing trailer modeled after a mini shed.

This inviting and homey spot is Beer Brain, an intimate and stylish space with a selection of five Japanese craft beers on tap. This wheeled hideaway is the brain-child of a group of beer enthusiasts known as the Tokyo Beer Boyz. After noticing the shortage of mobile tap rooms in Tokyo, they set out to combine their talents and build their own. Prodigious fans of the Japanese craft beer scene, they ensure Beer Brain has a selection of delicious and harder-to-find brews on tap.

The beers are usually served in plastic cups and come in two sizes, small (295ml) at ¥600 and regular (425ml) at ¥900. You can enjoy beer in the warmth of the well-designed and welcoming interior, or you can brave the outdoors under the inflatable tent found in the Commune 2nd common space. Explore the many other food and drink providers and installations while you’re there.


Address: Minami-Aoyama 3-13, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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