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"Places" is where we give rich reviews of where to grab some beers in Japan! Ranging from the neighborhood izakayas and brewpubs to the large chain stores, we look to show you a glimpse of the multitude of places to check out.

iBrew - Shimbashi


While Shinbashi may be home to skyscrapers and multinationals, it is also the default salary-man drinking hub: business suits, cigarettes, and cheap drinks are a dime a dozen. In the midst of this conformity, there is a new establishment to get your quality craft-beer drink on —iBrew Shinbashi.


This bar is located less than two minutes from Shinbashi Station and, like its older brother by Tokyo Station, offers a wide selection of delicious Japanese craft beers (30 taps, to be exact). iBrew Shinbashi perfectly fuses a small, family-owned izakaya feel and a hipper neo-industrial aesthetic.

Since it’s so close to the station, this is the perfect place to grab a few before the transit home, but it also means the spot gets quite busy in the evenings. To allow the most flexibility should you want to grab a beer, iBrew Shinbashi opens its doors early (from 1pm daily), a rarity outside of 24-hour bars in the area. Beers are reasonably priced from ¥421 to ¥745. The bar comfortably seats forty people and offers an all-you-can-drink option, which is great if you want to sample a bit of each beer.

View of Shimbashi iBrew from the outside. Sadly, no entrance from this side. 

View of Shimbashi iBrew from the outside. Sadly, no entrance from this side. 

Address: Shimbashi 2-20-15, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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