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Japanese Beer Promotional Goods: Asahi Beer Cooler

A look into promotional materials and goods for Japanese beer in Japan!

We hope the first of many!

This time we look at a beer cooling device from Asahi! It is a simple device, uses cold / frozen salt-water spinning in a closed environment to quickly cool down a beer.

This particular device is from 2010, when Asahi first started their “Extra Cold” (-2 degrees Celsius) line of draft beer in many beer bars around Japan, in an effort to show just how delicious the beer can get.

While we don’t think the beer was freezing, it definitely got colder and was extremely fun to watch then drink! From room temperature to a palatable cold in about 5 minutes is pretty impressive!

We purchased this beer chiller from a recycle shop in town. There were a couple of them, each for about 100JPY – 500JPY each. While we would love to show you where to buy these online, the sellers on Amazon JP are asking for at least 10x as much as what we got in the recycle store.

If you are really interested in one of these, let us know and we will see what we can do about getting you one!


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