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A look into promotional materials and goods for Japanese beer in Japan Part 2: The Foamer

Welcome to the second part in our look at promotional materials for Japanese beer in Japan. This time we get to take a look at a special device from Suntory! This particular device does not cool the beer down or anything, instead, it offers a solution to obtaining the perfect mix of head and beer in a glass!


First seen early in 2018, the device was sold in select convenience stores in Japan, paired with two cans of Suntory’s flagship beer, The Premium Malts. Now, and in order to accentuate the need for keeping a proper head-to-beer ratio for The Premium Malts, it was recently re-packaged in a larger box with a special Premium Malts glass included, just in time for Father’s Day!


It may seem strange that this device even exists to some, but for the Japanese industrial beer lover, an appropriate amount of foam is essential to experiencing all the mild flavors of crisp malt and light hops as the aeration helps bring the specific beer characteristics closer to the nose of the drinker. 

This mindset of having an appropriate head to beer is prominent in all of the major manufacturers of Japanese beer, especially with Asahi (and their Super-Dry) and Suntory (and their Premium Malts, as seen here). Many industrial Japanese beer aficionados swear by this golden ration that is unique to each brew, stating that without it, much of the uniqueness of the beer can be lost to the senses. Whether or not this is the case can be tried at one’s own leisure and we encourage all those of drinking age and in Japan to try it out!
After you do, let us know what you think and whether or not it actually helps accentuate the characteristics of the beer!

If you would like one of these devices, let us know and we will see what we can do about getting you one!

Stay tuned to BeerBeerBeerJP as next time we look at something really special; a Frozen Draft!