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Asahi Super Dry

Clean, clear, and sharp, Asahi Super Dry is one of the staples of convenience store beer that you will have no trouble finding. This light and crisp beer delivers a surprising amount of flavor and is perfect for both warm and cold days. 

First produced in 1987, Asahi Super Dry was the first successful "Dry" beer in Japan. Utilizing a specialized yeast strain and other brewing techniques to deliver a highly attenuated lager-style beer. The term commonly used in Japan to describe this dryness is "Karakuchi" and Asahi is known for their Karakuchi style of drinks. 

This beer has a delicate malt flavor which is balanced by their select usage of hops. Overall, Asahi Super Dry is a beer that is light in body, light in bitterness, and goes perfect with most Japanese dishes. Highly recommended to be consumed with basic izakaya fair to fully appreciate the food's seasoning.

On draft this beer is similar to its bottled or canned counterpart if not slightly less carbonated. Brother to Asahi Super Dry on tap is the Asahi Super Dry, Served Extra Cold. This beer, usually served between -1°C (30.2° F) and -3° C (26.6° F) is great in the hot and humid summer months. While this draft beer may be considered more a seasonal item however many restaurants will keep their specialized temperature controls on all year round (and with real-time temperature monitoring) for patrons to enjoy.

Style: Lager, Dry

ABV: 5%

Authors Notes: This is a good beer to enjoy all year round. Asahi Super Dry is often marketed with an abundant amount of metallic, clean, and simple imagery, focusing on the clear and simple can design (and lots of polished steel). Almost surgical-feeling in levels of cleanliness, I find Asahi Super Dry to be high in my list of go-to Bog Standard beer. It is a fine lager and well balanced, if a little too much carbonation for my taste.