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Boku Beer, Kimi Beer (For You & Me Beer) by Yo-Ho Brewery

Yo-Ho Brewery’s Boku Beer, Kimi Beer (For You & Me Beer) is a fruity and slightly tart saison style beer.

For You and Me01.png

Brewed by Yo-Ho Brewery in Nagano, this easy to find saison is a delicious beer for drinkers of all kinds.  Originally, this beer was made specifically for sale at Lawson Convenience Stores, but can now be found in many other chains throughout the country.  This saison style beer has a unique flavour appealing to a range of drinkers but won’t put a dent in your wallet, usually going for under 300JPY for a 330ml can.


This beer starts off with a clear pour, revealing a golden pale yellow body and a off-white, foamy head. The initial aromas are a wheat-filled mix of lemon, citrus, floral hints, and saison yeast. The body amplifies many of the citrus and floral characteristics while showcasing a flaked-wheat and hints of banana, closer to good wheat beers. The finish is crisp and with a faint hop bitterness.


This design of this can features a frog in a hat, almost enticing you to grab a beer with it. The back label has some flavor text that states “Times change but beer stays the same,” and some explanations of what a saison beer style is. This beer, with its mild hop aftertaste and heavy wheat body, mix well to become an enjoyable beer to a range of drinkers.


This delicious saison beer is very sessionable and can be enjoyed even by beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The overall light flavors mix well and help make this beer enjoyable outside in heat or indoors with friends.


This complex beer is a perfect beer to share and makes you want to come back for more.  

Style: Saison

ABV: 5%


Authors Notes: When I first had this beer, I thought it was a light weisse beer. Only when I bought it again, poured into a glass, and drink it (a little more sober this time) did I notice that this was a completely different brew. One of the few saison style beers widely available (save for one made by Suntory), this beer was a delight to have. [Fun story: When doing a beer run another evening, a friend of mine who use to stick purely to Japanese wine coolers and similar, kept going for more of this and now seeks out their own preferred styles of beer, another converted to the cause of malt, hops, and yeast.]

John McCracken