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Bottle Conditioned Ale by Ishikawa Brewery

Ishikawa Brewery’s Bottle Conditioned Ale is a simple and mild American pale ale.


Ishikawa Brewery, known for their Tama-No-Megumi beers, is a brewery based in the western part of Tokyo well outside the main metropolitan area.


This bottle, which features the kanji characters for “Tama-No-Megumi” and with a line-art image of the inner compound of the brewery really drive home both the traditional water source (Tama River) and the history of the brewery itself.

This beer features a mild caramel like body with a light floral, lemon, and yeasty aroma and a mild caramel cracker body. This beer is reported to be more of an American pale ale but seems to be a very light on both hop characters and body, making it a very mild beer.

It's milder characteristics do make this a sessionable beer, one that can be enjoyed all day long. This bottle conditioned ale often times has a heavy amount of carbonation which can start off strong, helping to bring out the aroma, but can be a little overwhelming and block out the more malty, earthy body.


This lighter beer, while simple, is a good to enjoy at almost any time of the year.


Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Authors Notes: As mentioned above, this beer is a simple, mild pale ale, and is the sort of thing that you would expect a sake brewer to procure (i.e. delicately balanced and mild). The bottles I have had varied in their carbonation, ranging from fairly carbonated to highly carbonated (almost resembling the carbonation of many “dry” beers). This bottle, however was strong in carbonation initially and helped to bring out some of the more lighter aromas to my nose. Overall, a simple and good beer to have.