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Buazizi Session IPA by Paradise Beer Factory

Session IPAs are hard to find in Japan and are harder to find one that is made consistently. While options like Marihana by COEDO (yes, you read that right; more on Marihana later) are favored in the craft beer world, a small brewery from Ibaraki prefectures’ Kashima area has made a very agreeable and tasty Session IPA.


Buazizi Session IPA is an easy-to-drink session IPA that has a slight autumnal peppery scent and lighter pale ale malt characteristic giving this piney, orange-bitter beer a delicate and balanced flavor. Made with holy water derived from the Kashima Shrine nearby, this beer definitely makes you feel blessed.


Starting with a mildly sharp but sweet-like citrusy aroma, this beer pours golden caramel with a mild head that quickly dissipates. The initial flavors are of sharp peppery hints from the sansho (a Japanese pepper plant) along a fruity and light tasting pale ale malt that also adds a bit of caramel and other flowery flavors. Buazizi ends with a pine-like, orange-bitterines on the tongue but doesn’t linger for long. Simply put, this is a delicate brew.


ABV: 4.5%

Style; Session IPA


Authors Notes: While the trek out to Kashima is long and arduous (unless you are a hardcore Kashima Antlers fan) this sleepy town with a large and semi-famous shrine is home to a little brewery/restaurant ran by Paradise Beer Factory. This beer was surprisingly well made and well balanced and the flavor seemed very similar between draft and bottle (confirmed made in different batches), giving me an idea that this beer has a great consistency in terms of flavor. Highly recommended that you travel to the shrine, get some blessings, then grab a pint of liquid holiness just down the road.