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Captain Crow Extra Pale Ale – OH!LA!HO Beer

From the fermentation tanks of Nagano Prefectures' very own OH!LA!HO Beer brewery, comes this surprising "extra" pale ale. Made in conjunction with Transporter Beer Magazine, this beer packs a punch-in-your-face hoppy bitterness that you will first smell from a mile away before getting to experience.

Opening this can instantly brought out a floral bouquet of crisp hop characters with a good amount of citrus thrown in for good measure. If you were expecting anything resembling a usual extra pale ale, be ready to taste something more akin to an American IPA. The body of this beer is a light amber-golden colour and has a hybrid bread / cracker taste to it, leading up to a weak sweetness that tries to balance out the hops.

The earthy aftertaste mingles well with the residual hop flavours and helps elevate this beer to a level of something else. Definitely not what you would expect from a pale ale or even an extra pale ale, this hop-filled beast is a delicious addition to more commonly found craft beers in Japan and is one of the best in the realm of hops.

Style: Extra Pale Ale (American Pale Ale or IPA)

ABV: 5%

Author’s Notes: This is the final chapter in my Hop Trifecta and is the most bitter of the three. Drunk along with the other two, this beer goes great with sweeter foods, or in my case, prosciutto and cheese. Be warned that despite this beer stating that it is an extra pale ale on the can, it is surprisingly hoppy and bitter.