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Bog Standard Introduction

Welcome to Japan! After landing in the Land of the Rising Sun, navigating the public transportation systems, getting to your hotel or abode, and exploring the diverse landscape that is Japan, you probably just want some time to relax. Maybe grab a cold one from the local convenience store and chill out. 

Walking into a store and seeing stacks of brews (some of which are not classified as "beer" here) can be both liberating and surprising, especially in terms of flavour. 

There is always a standard fair of beers from the large breweries such as Kirin, Asahi, and Sapporo readily available to choose from. They have become the base-line standard of pick-up beers in Japan, always available in every self-respecting convenience store,  and they are what I like to call the "Bog Standard" selection. 

But for the first-time visitor, or even long-term resident, really getting to know these beers, their subtle differences and complexities, can be fun but challenging. The idea behind this "Bog Standard" series is to keep people informed and updated on the standard selection of beers commonly found in Japan, how they are presented, and how the companies keep getting people to come back for more. 

Join me as we delve into the world of the Bog Standard beers in Japan. 

To get started check out the following standards from the big breweries: