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Kirin Brewery’s Aki Aji (Flavor of Autumn)


Brewed annually since 1991, this beer contains 1.3 times the usual amount of malt for Kirin beer (Kirin Lager). It features a red and orange-leaf themed can and a full percentage more alcohol than usual, bringing this 6% beer the extra kick needed to make you feel as warm as roasted malts as the weather transitions towards winter.

Aki Aji has a lot more bitterness compared to the usual Kirin beers and more closely resembles their lager. This dark copper-colored beer has enough rich flavor that something simple list roasted peanuts or similar are a perfect combination.


This beer has been made for over 15 years now with the fall-themed design varying year to year, check it out directly here from Kirin. This beer is sold in 4 sizes; 350ml can, 500ml can, 500ml bottle, and 633ml large bottles, perfect to drink alone or share with friends and family.


ABV: 6%


Author’s Notes: Out of the fall seasonal lineup of Bog Standard beers, this is my favorite. It goes well with small, salted snacks and has enough of a bitter kick to keep your wits about you in colder weather. Overall a solid Bog Standard.