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Lucky Cat by Kizakura Kyoto Brewing


Kizakura Kyoto Brewery’s Lucky Cat is a citrusy, sharp white ale with a hint of pilsner malt giving it a mild sweetness.

Brewed by first-generation craft beer brewery Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu*, this white ale is a very sharp and wheaty beer with very mild malt characteristics. First pouring a heavy/foamy head that quickly dissipates, Lucky Cat has a very noticeable lemongrass smell. Mild fruity hints sparkle on the nose and work well with the heavy lemongrass aroma in this mild beer. The initial flavor is of lemongrass (again, it is very powerful in Lucky Cat) and a semi-sharp sourness, mixed with fruity hints from what may be Citra hops and another fruity strain.


Lucky Cat does have a capricious amount of sweeter citrus flavors with other exotic fruits following the initial taste, resembling pomegranate, but the ending flavor quickly reverts back to lemongrass (almost resembling an extract) with a mild sweetness. The mild sweetness tastes like it is from weaker malts like crystal but with a pseudo-honey hint that is usually gained from the more pilsner-like malt.

Overall Lucky Cat is a sweet and sour, mild sour then sweet beer, ending on overcharged lemongrass.


*Bakushu (Kanji: 麦酒 is literally malt alcohol; it is an older word to refer to beer).

Style: White Ale

ABV: 5%

Author’s Notes: This beer smells and tastes like a lemongrass oil diffusor but does offer a fair amount of balanced citrus / other mild fruity characteristics. It is a simple but effective mix of sharp, acidic flavors and mild sweetness that rests well on the tongue. I found this beer in a New Days (a chain of convenience stores commonly found in or near train stations) at Ueno Station.