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Lucky Dog by Kizakura Kyoto Brewery


Kizakura Kyoto Brewery’s Lucky Dog is a flavorful and hoppy Pale Ale, with a good amount of malt body.


Brewed by first-generation craft beer brewery Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu*, this pale ale is surprisingly malty with a healthy amount of mild (English?) hops. This beer pours deep amber copper with a full head of creamy foam and a surprising amount of haze in the body. Initially, this beer has a stank smell but quickly switches to a heavy malt / mild hop character on the nose. While it does not have many hops when first opening up, there are a noticeable amount of mildly bitter tones that help balance out the sweetness from the impressive amount of malts.


Lucky Dog initially tastes sweet on the pallet but gives way to semi-bitter hops that help make this a semi-sweet / semi-bitter beer that brings images of crackers, older rice, and caramel to mind. This beer is a very enjoyable beer with mild English-style IPA characteristics and a strong, balanced aftertaste.

*Bakushu (Kanji: 麦酒 is literally malt alcohol; it is an older word to refer to beer).

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 5%


Authors Notes: Initially I thought Lucky Dog was well hoppy, but not in a traditional IPA way, with milder hops in large amounts, it is a delicious beer that was surprisingly refreshing. It is a really sweet, bitter, cloudy, and malty beer. This beer is like an Abbot Ale but with a bit more of a punch to it. I found this beer in a New Days (a chain of convenience stores commonly found in or near train stations) at Ueno Station.