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Nagahama IPA Special by Nagahama Roman

Becoming more common in higher-end stores, many local breweries and their offerings are now more accessible all over Japan. A good example of this is the Nagahama IPA Special, one of the many brews from Nagahama Roman Beer. Cans are usually found stocked in Seijo-Ishii or sometimes in central Tokyo Lawson convenience stores and are a great way to start your dive into the Japanese craft beer scene. 

This beer itself uses American citrus hops and has a fairly strong but crisp citrus / grapefruit aroma to it. Be aware though, it has above-average alcohol content but without the usual alcohol taste. Sweet hints of caramel and pale malt help balance the single hop flavor and also gives this beer a beautiful orange-tinged golden hue. Overall a refreshingly bitter beer. 

The Shiga Prefecture-based brewery recommends that this beer be drank from a tulip style glass to fully bring out the aroma of the hops and to "fully appreciate the potential" of this beer. 

Not much of a tulip-shaped glass but it did go down smooth.

Not much of a tulip-shaped glass but it did go down smooth.

Style: American IPA, Single Hop

ABV: 6%

Author's Notes: A delicious IPA that is part of my go-to trifecta of Seijo-Ishii IPAs (the other two being Aooni IPA and Captain Crow). Goes well with many foods but is fairly bitter so enjoy with well spiced dishes; with peppery steak or pizza being my preferred foods. Overall a decent beer and I recommend you try it when you can.

The company that makes this beer also has a distillery and makes a fairly decent barrel-aged whiskey.