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 [浪漫 roman] Pale Ale by Atami Beer (Oratchi Brewery)

The beaches of Atami are a quick and easy retreat from the hustle and bustle of normal Tokyo life but retaining many of the conveniences. Located in Shizuoka, this area is a tourist hotspot and has many hotels, spas, and restaurants to enjoy.

As mentioned in our A Look Into Japanese Craft Beer article, many touristy locations will make beers for random visitors to buy and take home, focusing on being a named beer of the area, and not focusing much on the flavor (or consistency). For Atami Beer, though this is surprisingly not the case as the lineup is very tasty, enjoyable, and had us wanting more!


Of these beers is the delightful [浪漫 roman] Pale Ale. Truly a surprisingly delicious beer made specifically for the tourists who visit the Atami area, this beer is brewed by the same company that does Wind Valley Beer (Oratchi), is delicious and honestly surprisingly good.

Opening this beer begins the journey of slightly bitter hops and a caramel-like mild nose to ultimately finish with Initial mildly bitter aromas and a honey-like malt characteristic make this crisp beer stand out. Being a beer made with tourists in mind (where most beers are nothing more than average) this all organic beer exploded with flavors of dry honey and bitter but fruity hops, making this a beer to look out for! There is a mild aftertaste that helps brings a balance to the sweet and crispness of this beer.



AVB: 5%

Style: Pale Ale


Author’s Notes: Honestly, during a day where I spent a good amount tasting various other beers, this Pale Ale stood out the most. Not only for its colorful and artistic label (so cool!) but also for the burst of sweet caramel-honey flavors followed by a mild bitterness that lingers, bringing a supremely surprisingly balance to this beer. It really stood out above the other beers I had that day.

Click on the above image enjoy the label in all of its glory!