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Sapporo Black Label

Despite it's name, Sapporo Black Label is not a dark beer, but a very light and crisp lager you can find almost everywhere like all the Bog Standard beers featured on this site. 

Sapporo Black Label was first introduced in 1977 and was known as Sapporo Bottled Draft ("draft" in this case uses the character for alive and means both that it is a draft beer but that it was unpasteurized). At this time, labels were printed directly on the bottle and mixed with the unpasteurized characteristics of this beer, the label seemed to turn black when filled, giving this brew it's unique nickname of Black Label. 

Coming from one of the longest continually operating breweries in Japan (with some name changes, of course) this beer has a robust amount of flavor and bitterness. Sapporo Black Label is a pale lager that is fairly bitter and not all that dry compared to some other Bog Standards; it starts out with a nice malty flavor that is then replaced with a firmly bitter aftertaste but overall goes down smooth. 

Compared to other Bog Standards this beer does seem to go well in colder weather with freshly grilled fish or similar. 

Style: Lager, Pale

ABV: 5%

Authors Notes: This beer has many characteristics of some dry beers but also has a good amount of malt flavors similar to The Premium Malt's. I personally love this beer when on tap and paired with some fresh fish, either raw or cooked. It has the flavor to go well with more robust foods but also is delicate enough to perfectly fine with most standard Japanese fair. Easily enjoyable and a good Bog Standard beer.