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Suntory’s The Premium Malts’ Ale: Hojun


This beer is part of the <Kaoru> Ale series by Suntory. This seasonal variety, called Hojun (lit. “Mellow”) is a fair addition to the seasonal lineup. This beer is a little different than the usual Bog Standard beers as it is an ale whereas most bog standards are lagers or pilsners. The ale yeast help to give this beer a mellow aroma and slightly fruitier taste.

Hojun does has a sticky mouthfeel with a hint of wet cracker to the pallet but the ale yeast helps bring a sparkle of fruity hints throughout this drink, making for a pleasant beverage. The flavor is overall not that heavy.


This particular can features varying shades of orange, gold and white, with a blue ribbon around the bottom. This beer is also higher in alcohol, sporting a solid 6% ABV.


ABV: 6%

Author’s Notes: While I do enjoy the occasional Premium Malt’s this particular ale is not on my go-to list. I feel that this beer (similar to their pumpkin version last year) has a slight chemical / soapy taste in it that distracts too much away from the other flavors. All-in-all though, not a bad choice, just not my first.